My favorite Formula One Content creators

When I was originally trying to learn about this sport more, the first thing I did was search on Spotify for podcasts about Formula One. Since then, I regularly listen to a lot of podcasts about the sport. I also found a lot of good information and content from many different content creators on YouTube whose whole channels are dedicated to F1.

As a new fan, these creators really helped me understand the sometimes confusing world of Formula One and Motorsport in general. I thought I would share some of my favorites for anyone who is new to the sport and looking for some extra content to get into.


3 Legs 4 Wheels,

3 Legs 4 Wheels was the very first F1 focused podcast I listened to and it is still one I anticipate every single week. The presenters, Sian, Paul, Chris, Dan, and Lee provide a weekly look into the news of the week as well as race reviews and previews and insight as long time fans of the sport. Their friendly vibe and comedic personalities are what really got me hooked in the beginning and I have been a fan ever since. 

WTF1 Podcast, 

WTF1 has always been one of the bigger “Amature” Formula One YouTube channels and blogs in the field and they deserve all the success they garnered over their past decade in the industry. Outside of their normal video content, they also have a podcast where they provide race reviews and previews after a race weekend. The presenters, Matt Gallagher, founder Tom Bellingham, and new addition Katy Fairman run through the news of the week and provide their insights on the race that week. The WTF1 podcast is a must-listen for any fan looking for a fun time listening to some very smart race fans talk about the sport.

Out Lap F1 Podcast,

The newest addition to my weekly podcasts, the Out Lap F1 podcast is a fantastic change of pace for anyone looking for a different perspective on the sport. Presenters James, John, and Andy break the usual European mold of most F1 podcasts and preset the show from my home city of Chicago. Their nice midwest accents and American perspective on the sport set them apart from other podcasts you may listen to on the subject. They also sometimes have a rotating cast of other presenters who come in to do different segments throughout the show to make it one of the most interesting podcasts I listen to. Anyone looking for a different perspective on the sport, check out Out Lap F1, you won’t be disappointed.

F1 Strategy Report,

For fans of the more strategic side of the sport, Motorsport Journalist, Michael Lamonto provides a shorter podcast discussing the strategic elements of that week’s race as well as a preview of the week before. With a rotating second host seat always filled by various journalists in the paddock, you can always expect to learn something new from an episode. If you looking for a more manageable and informative podcast, the F1 Strategy Report is just what you need.

Beyond the Grid  

Created from Formula One themselves, Beyond the Grid is a much different affair than the previously mentioned shows. Host and long-time journalist in the paddock, Tom Clarkson interviews a different figure from Formulas One’s rich past as well as the present. Having guests like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel as well as the great Murry Walker as just some of the almost 100 interviews this show is a must-listen for any fan of the sport. Supported by Clarcksons’s fantastic interview skills and interesting guests, the quality of this show is unmatched and I make sure to always find time to tune in.

Paddock Pass

Another Formula One produced pod, Paddock Pass made its transition from YouTube videos on the Formula One channel last season to a Spotify exclusive podcast this season. Featuring Will Buxton as he interviews various drivers on the grid in short snippets on media day, Paddock Pass is a great way for fans to get in the race week mindset and hear the driver’s expectations for the weekend. Anyone who loves to hear from the drivers will love Paddock Pass for its variety of voices and insights into the driver’s mind.

YouTube Channels:

Chain Bear F1,

Anyone new to the sport and looking for any information about just about anything related to Formula One, Chain Bear is the place to go. His unique presentation and his understanding of the topics at hand make his videos very informative and interesting to watch. He covers anything from track design to technical regulations in very simple terms so the average viewer can watch and understand. Chain Bear is definitely a channel to follow for new and old fans alike, with his presentation and knowledge, you are bound to learn something new.

F1/E Reviews, 

Formula one can sometimes be a confusing and overwhelming thing to follow, and I found it helps to follow a creator that can gather all the information and present it in a very clear way, and that’s what F1/E Review is all about. With session review after practice, qualifying, and the race, Dan from F1/E Reviews gathers all the headlines and storylines going into and throughout the weekend and discusses them in 10-15 minute videos. He also covers transfer talk and other major news in the world of F1, as well as Formula E. Anyone looking for knowledgeable insight and well put together videos, should check out Dan over at F1/E Reviews.

Cranky Yankee F1, 

Cranky Yankee F1 is a channel that strays from the weekly race review format of video and provides more long-form story videos around 20-40 minutes. Covering topics such as the exciting 2012 season, the Hamilton vs Rosberg duel and many many more, Cranky Yankee knows how to tell a good story. With very high production quality and engaging subject matter, Cranky Yankee is definitely one to check out if you are looking for a little Formula One history lesson.

Formula One,

The official Formula One youtube channel is a great source for Formula One content. Top 10 videos, session highlights, news updates, and interviews, this channel has it all. My favorite weekly content from them has to be the Weekend Warmup featuring journalist, Will Buxton, and Lawrence Barretto walking through the paddock and give a quick rundown of all the headlines and expectations for every team that weekend. In the past 3 years, Liberty Media has really revamped F1s online presence and the youtube channel is a great showing of that. This channel is a must-follow for fans of the sport new and old because of their great content and unmatched access to the drivers and teams.

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